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What is the best practice when returning content from the result of a $.getJson request to a caller function? I have a function called $.fn.getSomeData which has a $.getJson call inside it (this function is in a JS file which JSP's wanting to use my webservice must import).

Then inside the calling JSP a function will call my $.fn.getSomeData function.

Because my $.getjson request is asynchronous I have to wait for the callback function to execute before i can think about processing the JSON. What is the best way to handle passind the resulting data back to the function in the calling JSP.

Other options i have read including passing a Div into the $.fn.getSomeData method and then in the $.getJson callback function I would do processing of the json and append to the Div as I want it to appears.

A second option was to pass a function into $.fn.getSomeData. This function can then be called in the $.getjson callback function.

Can someone recommend a best practice? I would prefer not to use the option of passing the Div into my $.fn.getSomeData function as i want to reduce coupling in my external JS file.

Also is there a way to add a callback function to the call I make from the JSP to $.fn.getSomeData that would somehow trigger once the $.getjson callback has executed?

Looking forward to hearing your suggestions.

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The 2nd version is what you want.

Pass in the function that you want to be executed when the getJson request completes.

$.fn.getSomeData = function(callback) {
    $.getJSON('url', data, callback);

$('div').getSomeData(function() { 
    // do something

To process the data first and then call the function do this:

$.fn.getSomeData = function(callback) {
    $.getJSON('url', data, function(result) {
        // do something with data
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is it possible to do some processing of the resulting json first and then pass the modified json on to the function passed in? –  cdugga Dec 15 '11 at 10:26
@linuxlewis Sure, see my edit –  Richard Dalton Dec 15 '11 at 11:23

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