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I'm using RHEL5 kernel 2.6.33 and running GCC v4.1.2.

During my program compilation, I get the warning "implicit declaration of function CPU_ALLOC" and the error "undefined reference to 'CPU_ALLOC'. I get the same warnings and errors for CPU_ZERO_S, CPU_SET_S, CPU_FREE, numa_bitmask_alloc, numa_bitmask_setbit and numa_bitmask_free.

I understand that CPU_ALLOC should be found in sched.h, but I've searched several sched.h (/usr/include/sched.h, /usr/include/bits/sched.h, /usr/include/linux/sched.h, /usr/src/kernels/linux-, and cannot find CPU_ALLOC.

I have tried both #include <sched.h> and #include "/usr/include/sched.h", but I still have the errors.

I found declarations of CPU_ALLOC and the other functions on this website. Is this a file that I should have on my system?

How do I resolve this problem with the CPU_* and numa_bitmask_* functions?

Thank you.

Regards, Rayne

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You need to include the following in your header file containing CPU_ALLOC.

#define _GNU_SOURCE
#include <sched.h>
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