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EDIT The format in the .csv excel file for the date was 15-12-2011 and in the MySQL phpmyadmin database the column type was set to DATE so if I imported the file all data in date column changed to 0000-00-00. I did the next to fix this, went into the .csv file and selected the column for date and changed the format to 'Africa' so it would change everything from d-m-Y to Y-m-d. So in the .csv it would become 2011-12-15 instead of 15-12-2011. After importing it again the date was correctly imported without turning to 0000-00-00.

After that I Changed the ORDER BY in index.php:

$query = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM `newitems` ORDER BY startVisible DESC LIMIT $start, $per_page");

After that I changed the format date where was needed.

Available from: <?php 
                        $timestamp = strtotime($query_row["startVisible"]);
                        echo date("d-m-Y", $timestamp);

These scripts would first change the order by 1.year 2.month and after that change the format so it would echo 15-12-2011 instead of 2011-12-15 (how it is saved in the database)

Hope this will help others with the same problem.


below = question I asked

I have exported a table and modified some things that needed to be modified. Next I tried to import them into the table again but startVisible column Type was set to date. All my dates where stored as 0000-00-00. All my dates in the csv file are like 15-12-2011. I've changed the column Type to varchar and after that I could import the csv file with everything as 15-12-2011 I wanted to sort everything by date in That is because the column type is not set to DATE. So I Changed the Column type from VARCHAR to DATE again and all the dates changed to 0000-00-00. So no matter what I did everything changed to 0000-00-00. I removed everything and imported the same file and all the dates where imported correctly. So it may be a MySQL load fail or something.

I used:

$query = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM newItems ORDER BY startVisible DESC LIMIT $start, $per_page");

But all the dates are mixed now. It has to short them by d-m-Y but does not do that.


Now everything is sorted correctly but I want to change the order it shows from 2011-12-15 to 15-12-2011. ( I MEAN ON THE WEBSITE not in MySQL ). in index.php I want to show everything as d-m-Y but I still want to sort (ORDER BY) them correctly. How to do that?


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I've changed the column Type to varchar, Change the column type back to date type – Shakti Singh Dec 15 '11 at 10:16
@Shakti Singh: doesn't look like a format that would be accepted by date column's, though (wrong order, and day and month not padded with 0 to 2 digits) – codeling Dec 15 '11 at 10:17
That does not work, if I change the type back to date, everything will turn into 0000-00-00 – F4LLCON Dec 15 '11 at 10:29
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That's becouse the query is now ordered by a varchar column so it is sorted alphabetically, So try to convert it to a date before order the query with it like this:

select DATE_FORMAT(STR_TO_DATE(startVisible, '%d-%m-%Y'), '%d-%m-%Y') as startDate,... 
from newItems 
ORDER BY startDate DESC LIMIT $start, $per_page;
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I tried to convert it from varchar to date, but it converter all the data to 0000-00-00. Not working, tried already. – F4LLCON Dec 15 '11 at 10:23
@F4LLCON try the formula '%d-%M-%Y' – Mahmoud Gamal Dec 15 '11 at 10:26
Still does not work it gives syntax errors – F4LLCON Dec 15 '11 at 10:45
@F4LLCON sorry it is m small like '%d-%m-%Y' i edited my answer – Mahmoud Gamal Dec 15 '11 at 10:51
Oke everything in column startVisible changed from 15-12-2011 to 2011-12-15 but the column type is still varchar. Now on the website if I use ORDER BY startDate DESC LIMIT $start, $per_page; in index.php on the website it sorts them but shows them like 2011-12-15. How to fix that so it shows 15-12-2011? btw. I used select STR_TO_DATE(startVisible, '%d-%m-%Y') from newItems – F4LLCON Dec 15 '11 at 11:31

You can try MySQL function STR_TO_DATE. Here is an example query.

SELECT STR_TO_DATE(dt,'%d-%m-%Y') AS fmtDate, dt FROM test.text ORDER BY fmtDate


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Your problem is the fact the column is no longer a date, and therefore cannot be sorted as a date. You've mentioned that it is now a VARCHAR. Ergo, it will sort alphabetically, not as a date.

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I Know but if the colum type was set to DATE, I could not import the date data. It would change 31-11-2011 to 0000-00-00. I changed DATE to VARCHAR so the date would be added. If I change VARCHAR to DATE after the date data is imported it will still change everything from 31-11-2011 to 0000-00-00. Know a fix for this? – F4LLCON Dec 15 '11 at 11:35

The type is currently varchar, so it will use text sorting.

My advise is to add a column to your table of type date, fill it by converting the date-strings to proper dates using str-to-date() and then sort on that column. (To really do d-m-y you probably have to use

ORDER BY day(datecolumn) desc, month(datecolumn) desc, year(datecolumn) desc

But are you sure you don't just mean ORDER BY datecolumn DESC - most recent first?

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You can update the columns using STR_TO_DATE

Do this.

  1. Convert and update the columns using STR_DO_DATE1
  2. Alter the column to date type.
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STR_TO_DATE('startVisible','%d/%m/%Y') like this? Does not work – F4LLCON Dec 15 '11 at 10:44

Maybe, it will be useful to create a function (or a trigger), and use it when you need :


DATE_FORMAT(STR_TO_DATE(your_field, '%d/%m/%Y' ) , '%Y-%m-%d' );

Hope it helps.

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@ajreal please let me know which was the nature of your edit to my post and also way did you vote my post down, in order to understand... for the future – mgm Dec 15 '11 at 13:22
no, I dun bother to vote down. I do edit is because you have an ugly format. – ajreal Dec 15 '11 at 13:26
could you explain "ugly format" I really don't understand what you mean. – mgm Dec 15 '11 at 13:29
I understand now, it was a simple copy-paste from notepad, and I forgot to "beautify" it here. Thks. – mgm Dec 15 '11 at 13:32

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