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How to put span element inside ActionLink MVC3?

How to create custom MVC3 ActionLink method that generates this output:

    <a href="/Home/ControllerName" data-ajax-update="#scroll" 
     data-ajax-mode="replace" data-ajax-method="GET" 
     data-ajax-loading="#progress" data-ajax="true">

     <span>LinkText</span> // this span generated inside <a>

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You either create a new extension method that returns an MvcHtmlString object that you put together yourself (mind the html encoding, though), our you create a partial view that you can render when you need it, so you don't have to create HTML through code.

public static class MyHtmlExtensions {
    public static MvcHtmlString MyActionLink(this HtmlHelper html, string action, string controller, string ajaxUpdateId, string spanText) {
         var url = UrlHelper.GenerateContentUrl("~/" + controller + "/" + action);
         var result = new StringBuilder();
         result.Append("<a href=\"");
         result.Append("\" data-ajax-update=\"");
         result.Append(HttpUtility.HtmlAttributeEncode("#" + ajaxUpdateId));
         // ... and so on

         return new MvcHtmlString(result.ToString());
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You will have to create a custom HTML helper for razor. That way you can render custom HTML (including your requirement of span tag) for your link. This helper exttention method must return a MvcHtmlString object.

One example for creating HTML helper can be found here.

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