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How to get nth jQuery element

I have this simple code:


I know that my 2nd element should have a class active, how do I add this class?

this code won't work:

$('ul li').get(1).addClass('active')

I assume it is becuase it returns a dom element and not jquery element. but how do I do it right?


Of course 2nd element is an example. I need each time to change the active class from a variable called theActiveClassNumber

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haven't found it - thanks for letting me know.. –  Alon Dec 15 '11 at 10:33
You're right, that's a DOM element, so, strangely enough, this will work, although I don't recommed it: $($('ul li').get(1)).addClass('active') –  graphicdivine Dec 15 '11 at 10:48

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$("ul li:nth-child(2)").addClass('active')


$("ul li:eq(1)").addClass('active')
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get() returns a DOM element so you have to re-wrap in the jQuery object:

$( $('ul li').get(1) ).addClass('active');
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you can do like @Kanishka answer that work to, but you can try this one too, may be can help you,

$("ul li:nth-child(even)").addClass('active');
$("ul li:nth-child(odd)").addClass('active');
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Not a direct answer to the question, but: If you want to get certain jQuery Object, you should use .eq() instead of .get().

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