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I did a profile tracing to check what functions are taking long times , One of the method takes near 1 second and is called 10+ times and i guess it should be a candidate for review. I have included the method, Can anyone tell me how can it possible be improved.

    private ProductModel.ProductMiscModel PrepareProductMiscModel(Product product)
        if (product == null)
            throw new ArgumentNullException("product");

        var model = new ProductModel.ProductMiscModel();
        var productVariants = _productService.GetProductVariantsByProductId(product.Id);
        var getManufactureImage = _manufacturerService.GetProductManufacturersByProductId(product.Id)
           .Select(x =>
               var m = x.Manufacturer.ToModel();
               m.PictureModel.ImageUrl = _pictureService.GetPictureUrl(x.Manufacturer.PictureId, _mediaSetting.ManufacturerThumbPictureSize, true);
               m.PictureModel.Title = string.Format(_localizationService.GetResource("Media.Manufacturer.ImageLinkTitleFormat"), m.Name);
               m.PictureModel.AlternateText = string.Format(_localizationService.GetResource("Media.Manufacturer.ImageAlternateTextFormat"), m.Name);
               return m;
        model.manufactureName = getManufactureImage;
        switch (productVariants.Count)
            case 0:
                    //var productVariant = productVariants[0];
                    model.Sku = null;
                    model.ShowSku = false;
                   // model.attributeName = 0;
                } break;
            case 1:
                //only one variant
                {               var productVariant = productVariants[0];
                                model.Sku = productVariant.Sku; //null;
                                model.ShowSku = true;
                               // model.attributeName = _productAttributeService.GetProductVariantAttributesByProductVariantId(productVariant.Id);
                                model.productSpecification = _specificationAttributeService.GetProductSpecificationAttributesByProductId(productVariant.Product.Id);


        return model;


public virtual IList<ProductManufacturer> GetProductManufacturersByProductId(int productId, bool showHidden = false)
        if (productId == 0)
            return new List<ProductManufacturer>();

        string key = string.Format(PRODUCTMANUFACTURERS_ALLBYPRODUCTID_KEY, showHidden, productId);
        return _cacheManager.Get(key, () =>
                                              var query = from pm in _productManufacturerRepository.Table
                                                          join m in _manufacturerRepository.Table on
                                                              pm.ManufacturerId equals m.Id
                                                          where pm.ProductId == productId &&
                                                                !m.Deleted &&
                                                                (showHidden || m.Published)
                                                          orderby pm.DisplayOrder
                                                          select pm;
                                              var productManufacturers = query.ToList();
                                              return productManufacturers;
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You make three calls to "services". What are these services? Are they SQL database, Web Services? –  Hammerstein Dec 15 '11 at 11:27
Services is the Business Access Layer (BAL) where business logic, validations or calculations related with the data is performed –  Mr A Dec 15 '11 at 11:32
Understood,but they're retrieving data?Is the method with which they are retrieving the slow part?If each one is taking 250ms... –  Hammerstein Dec 15 '11 at 11:37
updated the question with one of the list method in Manufacture Service –  Mr A Dec 15 '11 at 11:41
That doesn't suggest it would be slow, unless the cache fail is expensive.Does it still take a second the next time you call it? –  Hammerstein Dec 15 '11 at 11:50

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Use StopWatch in the method to determine which part it is that takes long time.

you might want to include the picture url in the original list instead of traversing each item and call _pictureService.GetPictureUrl.

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