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we are using PDFlib for personalizing PDFs.

The pdflib.jar library and the libpdf_java.so file are both in the folder:


I start the server with this argument:

java -Djava.library.path=/home/user/my/custom/library/path/

like it is mentioned in the pdflib tutorial

After deploying on my jBoss5 Server i got this error message:

ERROR [STDERR] Cannot load the PDFlib shared library/DLL for Java. Make sure to properly install the native PDFlib library. For your information, the current value of java.library.path is:

So, the path ist correct (i tried it with and without the / at the end)

If I put the jar and the lib in my /usr/lib folder, everything works fine, but not with my custom folders.

I use it on a linux 64bit, if that matters! The custom folder and the files got chmod 755 - so this shouldn't be the problem

Looking forward to your hints!

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