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I want to make a pool / carrom game in iPhone. what should I use Cocos2d or Chipmunk or space mangare Chipmunk. I get the point where striker and ball are in the table how can I make this game.

See image : image

This black arrow over striker to ball is made by me through image editor. Now problem is that How can I code to be real life object like. when move striker to ball and image collapse, ball should move to that direction like in carrom or pool or snooker game. Additionally I want to move ball with some speed throughout the ground which speed may be change according to hits. Second upper side striker for computer play.

Is there some tool to make my work easy. Space Manager with Chipmunk is for gravity. but here the table is view from top view so there is no need of gravity.

Thanks in advanced. :))

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Your image has not posted –  Verbeia Dec 15 '11 at 11:35
It is posted now –  JackSparrow Dec 15 '11 at 11:37

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Hope you are fine.

Consider looking at http://gamesalad.com/ for this. May be this will be a helpful one.

Thanks, DeveloperJigar@Gmail.com

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