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I am using TFS 2010. When I created a new project in the Team Project Settings> Source Control checkbox "Enable multiple check-out" on by default. How to disable checkbox "Enable multiple check-out" for new projects?

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You need to edit your Process Template.

At first, download it locally by selecting in VS "Team" > "Team Project Collection Settings" > "Process Template Manager...", then click on your template & select Download. This will send all the files on you local PC.

Now open the local file "..\VersionControl\VersionControl.xml" and change entry <exclusive_checkout required="false" /> into true.

Return to "Team" > "Team Project Collection Settings" > "Process Template Manager..." and now select Upload.

Once this is done any new Team Project you generate will have this option "Enable multiple check-out" unset by default.

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I did this and now users are overwriting others changes? So do you need to check Get Latest upon checkin? I also dont get notified if someone has a file currently checked out...very odd – Qui_Jon Sep 5 '13 at 15:23

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