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I'm going after a layout that would scale nicely along with zoom (user pressing ctr/cmd + [plus]). For that I need dimensions to scale along with font-size. Using em units is too tricky, so I'm thinking of going with rem (and duplicating every dimensional property for old ie).

My initial idea was to set font-size on html element to 10px and then use 1/10rem as a pixel replacement. But since font-size on body is set arbitrary in px, the one on html would be used exclusively for rem measurement. So why not set it to 1px?

The advantages are obvious - ease of writing duplicated declarations and maintainability.

As for disadvantages (apart form duplicating declarations) I can't think of any. But maybe I'm missing something. Are there any pitfalls in this approach?

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As you would still need to do things some other way for IE, as you say, I don’t see any possible benefit in the approach. Just use em, even if it requires some computations. If you have deeply nested elements with their own font-size settings, it’s all too complicated anyway and needs simplification, not complication.

Setting font-size: 1px is highly unnatural and would make your stylesheet hard to read and maintain.

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