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I am trying to use format within an SQL query to suit a reporting package. I have numbers that I need to show as currency with two decimal places so I am using the format command to do that. The problem is that format also puts in a comma to separate thousands and the reporting package sum function cannot handle this so treats the formatted numeric value as text and does not add it in. The query uses:-

SELECT customers.name AS "customers name", FORMAT(contracts.charge,2) AS "contracts charge" 
FROM customers
ORDER BY customers.name

(the actual query is a lot more complex but this is the relevant part)

To explain more fully:-

If the numeric value is 123.1 the formatted output is 123.10 which works. If the numeric value is 1234.1 the formatted output is 1,234.10 which does not

I need to find a way to persuade the query to output 1234.10

Many thanks

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You could just:

REPLACE(FORMAT(contracts.charge, 2), ',', '')
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A possible workaround would be replacing the comma after the format :

REPLACE(FORMAT(contracts.charge,2),',','') AS "contracts charge"
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Many thanks, that worked beautifully –  David Christy Dec 21 '11 at 17:59

This post seems to have a much cleaner solution:

Just use ROUND, this is a numeric function. FORMAT is a string function

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Invertir , to decimal . to miles REPLACE( REPLACE(REPLACE(FORMAT(contracts.charge,2),',','-') ,'.',',') ,'-','.') AS contracts_charge

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Really they should be setting their locale properly, not trying to do string replacement on the existing formatting like this. –  Iguananaut Jan 30 at 18:10

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