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I ran into this error running the test for my product, written using plone.app.testing on Plone 3.3.5:

ComponentLookupError: (<InterfaceClass plone.app.viewletmanager.interfaces.IViewletSettingsStorage>, '')

but the product works correctly outside of the test.

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It turns out I specified the wrong version for plone.testing.

These are the correct versions to use with Plone 3.x ATM (december 2011):

plone.app.testing = 3.0a1
plone.testing = 3.0a2

The error above was caused by plone.testing being pinned to 3.0a1.

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Well, that's good to know. I didn't know plone.app.testing was compatible with plone 3 at all. –  vangheem Dec 15 '11 at 23:28

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