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Can someone please help. I need to get the characters between two slashes e.g:


I need to get the characters between the second and third slashes. i.e 827365

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Please work on your answer acceptance by going through your previous questions asked. See stackoverflow.com/faq#howtoask – Abdul Munim Dec 15 '11 at 12:00
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A simple string split:

var value = "Car/Saloon/827365/1728374";
var parts = value.split('/');
var interestingPart = parts[2];
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This will simply alert 1728374, as you want


or, a bit longer, but also more readable:

var str = "Car/Saloon/827365/1728374";
var exploded = str.split('/');
* str[0] is Car
* str[1] is Saloon
* str[2] is 827365
* str[3] is 1728374
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var str = "Car/Saloon/827365/1728374";

var items = str.split("/");

for (var i = 0; i < items.length; i++)


var lastItem = items[items.length - 1]; // yeilds 1728374


var lastItem1728374 = items[2];
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Try the_string.split('/') - it gives you an array containing the substrings between the slashes.

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try this:

var str = 'Car/Saloon/827365/1728374';
var arr = str.split('/'); // returns array, iterate through it to get the required element
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Use split to divide the string in four parts:


Gives "827365"

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You will have to use the .split() function like this:

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How many you want you take it.. :)

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