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im working with PostgreSQl 9.0 and i have a table from which i need to replace a character with ''(blank space) for that im using

update species set engname = replace(engname, '', '');

(this is the query image) enter image description here

(image is posted) this is the character

in the case species is the table and engname is the field(character varying)..

the contens of one of the row is

" -tellifer fÂÂrthii" enter image description here

even after firing the query the character is not replaced. i have tried with

update species set sciname = regexp_replace(sciname, '', '') but the character doesnot get replace

my database is

   WITH OWNER = Myadmin
   TABLESPACE = pg_default
   LC_CTYPE = 'C'

We are planning to move to UTF-8 encoding but during conversion with iconv the conversion fails because of this enter image description here so i wanted to replace the character with.. can anyone tell me how to remove that character?

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this symbol can be used for more characters - so you cannot to use replace. Probably your client application uses a different encoding than database. Symbol is used to signalisation broken encoding.

Solution is using correct encoding

postgres=# select * from ff;
 žluťoučký kůň
(1 row)

postgres=# set client_encoding to 'latin2'; --setting wrong encoding
postgres=# select * from ff; -- and you can see strange symbols
 �lu�ou�k� k�
(1 row)

postgres=# set client_encoding to 'utf8'; -- setting good encoding
postgres=# select * from ff;
 žluťoučký kůň
(1 row)

Other solution is replacing national or special chars by related ascii characters

9.x has unaccent contrib module for utf or for some 8bites encoding there is function to_ascii()

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hey thank you nice explanation,...but how can replace/remove that character?..i need to replace/remove it so that the iconv can encode the dump file to UTF-8..because with the character the iconv is failing when it encounter that character. – PresleyDias Dec 16 '11 at 4:55
you have to find correct encoding, or use -c parameter for iconv – Pavel Stehule Dec 17 '11 at 16:36

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