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User_Master (ID is Primary Key   identity)

ID      Name    Age      Gender
1       James   25       Male
2       John    30       Male

User_Image (User_Id is foreign key from User_Master)

ID     User_Id   Thumbnail
1         2       ABC.Jpeg
2         2       AB.jpeg

I need to get All fields from User_Master and one thumbnail name of that selected user from User_Image table

Like this :

User_Id    Name         Age      Gender Thumbnail
1          James        25       Male   null
2          John         30       Male   ABC.Jpeg
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One way, assuming you want the image with the lowest id as there are obviously multiple options;

    id, name, age, gender, thumbnail 
from (
        rank() over (partition by m.id order by i.id asc) as rank,
        User_Master m left join User_Image i on (i.user_id = m.id)
) t where rank = 1
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You should not use RANK() for this as it may give back multiple answers with same value. Use ROW_NUMBER() instead. –  Johan Dec 15 '11 at 13:00
Thanks a lot brother..God bless u :) Its working now with ROW_NUMBER(). –  thing guy Dec 16 '11 at 4:51

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