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I want to make a dictionary, to start with i will go for a english dictionary. What is the source for this ? From where can i get the dictionary content ? how are dictionary apps usually made ?

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Most apps create a database or some server that feeds information.

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yea, i want to go ahead wherein i will create a database for the info, but i wanted to know from where i could fetch the there any feed that already someone provides ? – Arun Abraham Dec 15 '11 at 14:27
No, most apps that have this functionality has its on database with definitions. Most likely on a server. You should google around a bit. Some one may have something out there. But i wouldnt be sure of how acurrate it would be. – coder_For_Life22 Dec 15 '11 at 16:08

You can also use this text file, provided by Oracle

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Under the Code sample license (BSD), of course. – David Caunt Dec 15 '11 at 12:14
Just as you say there :D +1 – Armand Dec 15 '11 at 12:17
Interesting, Is there any other text file which provides the meaning for all the words in this file ? I want to make a dictionary app which can fetch the values from the database rather than going for a webservice. – Arun Abraham Dec 15 '11 at 14:31
Google is the answer to all questions ever created :D – Armand Dec 15 '11 at 14:34

Since it is tagged with iPhone, you can use the built-in dictionary of the iPhone by playing with UITextChecker I used it to a word game app I was developing.

see reference here for the documentation

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Thanks for the infor. I tagged with iPhone as i wanted ideas from mobile app developers :) – Arun Abraham Dec 15 '11 at 14:32

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