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Have a div <div id="test"></div>. I load html (test.php?nid=1) into this div with jquery ajax(). In this loaded html i have another deep link. Example:

<div id="test">
<a href="test.php?nid=2">aaa</a>

How can I load link test.php?nid=2 in same <div id="test">? And how load link test.php?nid=3 from test.php?nid=2 in same <div id="test">? Whats technigue?

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your question is not clear ! –  Royi Namir Dec 15 '11 at 12:50

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When your ajax request to your url succeed, use this to append the loaded data to your div.

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I think you will need to make this in a recursive way by binding the click event to the populated anchor and make it call a function like this :

function getLink(id){
        url: "test.php?nid=" + id,
        context: document.body,
        success: function(){
                   $('#test').apend("<a id ='" + i + "' >aaa</a>");
                   $('#test a').live("click", function(event){
                        getLink($(this).attr('id') + 1);

So you first call the function with id =1 like: getLink(1), therfore it will append the first a to the div like <a id="1">aaa</a> from the url test.php?nid=1 and bind it with click event that when it will be clicked call getLink(2) which in turn append the second a with id = 2 from url test.php?nid=2 and when it will be clicked call getLink(3) and so on...

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