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I today tried tabbar-mode, both version 2.0.1 obtainable via the marmelade elpa repository, and version 2.0 from dholms github repository. When tabbar-mode is activated, keystrokes are lagging noticably (I'd say >1s).

I'm using emacs-24 as long running daemon, with cedet, gnus, erc active, with 2-3 clients showing ~7 Frames. The OS is linux, the windowmanager awesome.

Can you provide any hints what might be responsible, where to look?

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It's actually pretty simple; tabbar uses three icons to the left of the tabbar; glancing over the code I noticed that it meddles with transparency issues -- that raised a red flag. Setting

(setq 'tabbar-use-images nil)

before activating tabbar-mode replaces the icons with text - voila, everything is smooth again.

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