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I am working on spring web services. I need to add some custom elements in the request and response message.which should look like this:

      <get:GetOrderNumberRequest LoggingLevel="REGULAR" MonitorFlag="Y">
            <get:StaplesOrderNumber RangeFlag="N" ReleaseFlag="N">
               <get:OrderNumber Count="1" End="11" Start="9"/>

i am able to append <tid:SplsTID> under <soapenv:Header> in request by modifying the WSDL file. which looks like this:

<wsdl:message name="GetOrderNumberRequest">
        <wsdl:part element="tns:GetOrderNumberRequest" name="GetOrderNumberRequest">
        <wsdl:part element="sch1:SplsTID" name="SplsTID">
    <wsdl:message name="GetOrderNumberResponse">
        <wsdl:part element="tns:GetOrderNumberResponse" name="GetOrderNumberResponse">
        <wsdl:part element="sch1:SplsTID" name="SplsTID">
    <wsdl:portType name="ONAS">
        <wsdl:operation name="GetOrderNumber">
            <wsdl:input message="tns:GetOrderNumberRequest" name="GetOrderNumberRequest">
            <wsdl:output message="tns:GetOrderNumberResponse" name="GetOrderNumberResponse">

The problem is, i want to read <tid:SplsTID> part from the request and wanted to append it under soap header part of the response, which is not happening. i am using annotation based end point. what is the code which will read the soap header and will append the same in the response.

currently my end point class is:

public class OrderNumberServiceEndPoint {
    public static final String NAMESPACE_URI = "";

     * The local name of the expected request.
    public static final String REQUEST_LOCAL_NAME = "GetOrderNumberRequest";

     * The local name of the created response.
    public static final String RESPONSE_LOCAL_NAME = "GetOrderNumberResponse";

    private GetOrderNumberService getOrderNumberService;

    public void setGetOrderNumberService(
            GetOrderNumberService getOrderNumberService) {
        this.getOrderNumberService = getOrderNumberService;

    @PayloadRoot(localPart = REQUEST_LOCAL_NAME, namespace = NAMESPACE_URI)
    public GetOrderNumberResponse processOrderNumberRequest(
            GetOrderNumberRequest request) throws Exception {
        GetOrderNumberResponse response = null;
        response = getOrderNumberService.executeRequest(request);
        }catch(CannotCreateTransactionException e){
            throw new ServiceException(ErrorConstants.ERROR_E17);
        return response;


Let me know if more details are required. Any help would be appreciated.

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2 Answers 2

Finally i succeeded in reading the soap header from request and append into response. This is how my end point method looks like now:

 @PayloadRoot(localPart = REQUEST_LOCAL_NAME, namespace = NAMESPACE_URI)
    public GetOrderNumberResponse processOrderNumberRequest(
            @RequestPayload GetOrderNumberRequest request,
            MessageContext messageContext) throws Exception {"Request Received");
        // read SOAP Header from request and append in response
        SaajSoapMessage soapRequest = (SaajSoapMessage) messageContext
        SoapHeader reqheader = soapRequest.getSoapHeader();
        SaajSoapMessage soapResponse = (SaajSoapMessage) messageContext
        SoapHeader respheader = soapResponse.getSoapHeader();
        TransformerFactory transformerFactory = TransformerFactory
        Transformer transformer = transformerFactory.newTransformer();
        Iterator<SoapHeaderElement> itr = reqheader.examineAllHeaderElements();
        while (itr.hasNext()) {
            SoapHeaderElement ele =;
            transformer.transform(ele.getSource(), respheader.getResult());
        // process the request PayLoad
        GetOrderNumberResponse response = null;
        try {
            response = getOrderNumberService.executeRequest(request);
        } catch (CannotCreateTransactionException e) {
            throw new ServiceException(ErrorConstants.ERROR_E17);
        }"Response Sent");
        return response;
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I'm glad you figured out based on what I've posted. I agree with you it's hard to figure all out (just like when using SOAP attachments for instance). – evandongen Dec 23 '11 at 13:14
Is this not using SOAP attachments? – ziggy Jul 13 '12 at 17:14

This is probably only half the answer you need but I think you can read the soapheaders by getting the (Saaj)SoapMessage from the messagecontext, like this:

    localPart = "GetHiredCandidatesRequest", 
    namespace = DEFAULT_NAMESPACE
public GetHiredCandidatesResponse getKandidaat (
    @RequestPayload GetHiredCandidatesRequest getCandidate,
    MessageContext messageContext) {

    SaajSoapMessage request = (SaajSoapMessage) messageContext.getRequest();
    SoapHeader header = request.getSoapHeader();

    GetHiredCandidatesResponse response = objectFactory.createGetHiredCandidatesResponse();

    return response;

Since version 2 you can automatically 'add' some objects to your method's signature, like I add the MessageContext here. I have used this to get the attachments from a soap message for instance. You can probably use other subclasses of AbstractSoapMessage as well since the the getSoapHeder method is in that class.

[edit] BTW: Perhaps you can use Interceptors as well since the request / response is provided there. Take a look at the package for some default examples. [/edit]

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i have referred the spring docs link‌​.i got success in reading SOAP header inside my method.i have changed my endpoint class method like this: @PayloadRoot(localPart=REQUEST_LOCAL_NAME,namespace=NAMESPACE_URI) @ResponsePayload public SaajSoapMessage processOrderNumberRequest(@RequestPayload GetOrderNumberRequest request,SoapHeader header).now it throws error java.lang.IllegalStateException:No adapter for endpoint because i have changed method return type to SaajSoapMessage from GetOrderNumberResponse. didnt work – Vishal Agrahari Dec 21 '11 at 11:30
I think you cannot use SaajSoapMessage as the return type. You probably need to use GetOrderNumberResponse to match your WSDL. In my example I get the request from the MessageContext but you can get the response object as well and probably set some soap headers there. – evandongen Dec 21 '11 at 11:42
In your example, method return type is Response. Is it the PayLoad part of the response message? I am wondering if we return the Payload part of the response which comes actually under Soap Body portion, then how the header part will be appended in the response? Moreover not getting any working code which solves this requirement. I don't want to do anything with header part, whatever comes in the request just send as it is in the response. the logic is only for calculating Payload part of the body. It sounds very general requirement for web services but very poorly documented for springWS. – Vishal Agrahari Dec 22 '11 at 6:28
Response and Request are Jaxb types. I updated my example with less confusing object names. – evandongen Dec 23 '11 at 13:10

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