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I want to create a test DNS server in ruby, but could not find anything suitable. I found pnet-dns(http://rubyforge.org/projects/pnet-dns/). This project is incomplete and buggy. Is there any alternative?

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RubyDNS is what you're looking for.

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A language-agnostic alternative is to use PowerDNS pipe backend. Because it communicates with a name server across a simple pipe, it can be written in any language, including Ruby. (The simple example in the documentation uses Perl but it should be easy to translate.)

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Checkout an another approach of DNS server in ruby using celluloid: https://github.com/celluloid/celluloid-dns

The original celluloid-dns is horribly incomplete (v0.0.1). Recently, RubyDNS is being copied into celluloid-dns (I'm doing this as we speak). RubyDNS will be modified to work with the updated celluloid-dns since all core functions will be moved from RubyDNS to celluloid-dns.

If you want something that works right now, use RubyDNS. However, in the future, if you just want the low level APIs, use celluloid-dns.

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Have you looked at Dnsruby?

It aims to be fully RFC compliant, although it focuses primarily on the client side. It is, however, possible to write your own server - use Dnsruby::Message#decode to decode incoming packets, and a zone of RRSets holding your test records. You can then encode your packets to send back to the client.

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OP asks for Ruby server, not client. –  Nowaker Feb 5 '14 at 12:43

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