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I want to know in spine how to add and remove active class for div. In the firebug I saw initially 4 div inside, the first div having class as active when i click new link the div class active was removed for the first div at the same time the second div getting the class active. I don't have any idea how Spine add and removing class active.

By jquery we can do this. But i want to do this in spine (spine_rails)

Any idea?

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Have a look at the Manager and Stack classes, I'm pretty sure that's what you're looking for. Stack has an internal Manager, which deals with keeping active state on only one controller at a time. It does that simply by adding the css class "active" to the currently active controller. From the docs:

A Stack doesn't alter the display CSS property of its controllers, but rather simply adds and removes an active class.

That explains what you're describing.

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Not sure what you're looking for due to lack of information.

However, you can check spine stacks to see whether that's what you want.


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To remove active class in spine_rails add following line to your spine:controller @el.removeClass('active')

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