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I have a rather hairy vim regular expression that will capitalise words separated with underscores as below

my_text_example -> My_Text_Example

The regular expression is


I would like to map that to a key sequence (for example gc). I would also like it to work in visual selection mode.

I tried this

nmap gc :s/\(\<\|_\)\([a-zA-Z]\)\([a-zA-Z]*\)/\u\1\u\2\L\3/g<CR>

in my .vimrc, but I get an error that the regular expression is not found. I haven't tried the imap version, hopefully that will be simple once I get an answer for the nmap case.

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This works:

nmap gc :s/\(\<\\|_\)\([a-zA-Z]\)\([a-zA-Z]*\)/\u\1\u\2\L\3/g<CR>

I think it didn't work because \< is a zero-width pattern but that is just a wild guess.

If someone can explain why it didn't work that'd be great!

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Awesome! Thanks very much. The imap version was just the same, didn't need to change anything. –  Greg Reynolds Dec 15 '11 at 15:06

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