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Recently I imported a new project to Eclipse Indigo IDE.

Initially there is no error symbol in Project root directory. When I tried to run the JUnit test it shows an error in the Project root directory Icon.

I can't find the error anywhere in the project. When I try to run a JUnit file it shows a warning that there are errors in the project, when I Click Proceed they run without any problem.

But there is an error somewhere around there.

Any reason why Eclipse exhibits this strange behaviour ?

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Are there some more details shown in the 'Problems' view?

I have had similar issues when some redundant files (jars, libraries) were mentioned, but not found in project build path.

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Thanks a lot. Yeah there is an error shown in the Problems View. The project was not built due to error(permission) in accessing a folder for build. Cause I am using CentOS. –  Athiruban Dec 15 '11 at 15:03

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