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Trying to test my C project on NetBeans, the tests never end while the output is:

   Test: testFileOne ...passed   Test: testFileTwo ...passed

 Run Summary:    Type  Total    Ran Passed Failed Inactive
               suites      1      1    n/a      0        0
                tests      2      2      2      0        0
              asserts      8      8      8      0      n/a

 Elapsed time =    0.000 seconds

Even if it seems complete, the progress bar is still shining at the value 0.0%.

Test cases are all like:

void testMethod() {
     CU_ASSERT(1 == 1);
     //other lines of code..
     CU_ASSERT(0 == 0);

with more than one CU_ASSERT for each function. Some behaviour with auto-generated test code by NetBeans.

The command

make test

from command line works like a charme and ends with no problem.

Anybody has encountered this issue before? any way to get it solved without strambling my laptop? Thank you in advance for every comment.

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Just a wild guess: Do you start any threads in your test cases that don't end when the test itself ends regularly? –  DerTroglodyt Dec 16 '11 at 12:29
Add printf's to track execution and see that the unit test really exits. –  Hannes Landeholm Aug 12 '12 at 11:10

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You can use a debugger (e.g gdb) to trace what happens.

This will require debugging flags to be added to your cunit code. Assuming you're using gcc, this will be the -g flag.

After compiling with debugging flags you can simply start the test binary with with the debugger, the way you'd debug a normal program.

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It seems that Netbeans requires a certain directive a to stop the Test Suite and this is exactly printf("%%SUITE_FINISHED%% time=0\n");. Here is how your test should look like (either you are using plain vanilla C or some library like CUnit):

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

void test1() {
    // do your stuff

int main(int argc, char** argv) {
    printf("%%SUITE_STARTING%% mysimpletest\n");

    printf("%%TEST_STARTED%% test1 (mysimpletest)\n");
    printf("%%TEST_FINISHED%% time=0 test1 (mysimpletest) \n");

    printf("%%SUITE_FINISHED%% time=0\n");

    return (EXIT_SUCCESS);
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