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I would like to handle request and session attributes myself rather then leave it to spring @SessionAttributes, for login or cookies handling for example. I just cant figure out how could i access the HttpRequest from within a controller, i need a way to go a layer above the @RequestAttribute and access the HttpRequest itself. With Stripes in used to do this by implementing an ApplicationContext and calling getAttribute()

Also, passing ther HttpServletRequest as parameter seems not to be working:

    @RequestMapping(value="/") public String home(HttpServletRequest request){   
 return "home"; 

The above method does not print anithing

Do you have any advice on this?

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Put a debugger and see if your controller method is called .

check the following

  1. Are you sending the request via a post method ? Then you need to specify the method name with the method parameter .

    Sample - @RequestMapping(value = "/hello", method = RequestMethod.POST)

  2. Is your controller detected property with @Controller ?

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