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how can I convert an object type to a GUID type in VB.NET?

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I'm not sure what exactly you want but this might help:

Dim g = CType(obj, System.Guid)

If you want to convert a string to a Guid:

Dim g = New Guid(myString)
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You should use DirectCast instead of CType here (or anywhere for unboxing). Here's why:… – Konrad Rudolph May 12 '09 at 11:06

If you are looking to create the object as a new guid, use the following call:

dim objvar as guid = System.GUID.NewGuid()

edit Your question is a little unclear when you say "convert". If you already have the object created and assigned, use DirectCast to create an object that the Visual Studio environment will recognize.

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Mehrdad's sample will work, however it is always best to declare the data type for all your variables:

Dim g As Guid = objectVariable

In this case there is no need to use CType or DirectCast.

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