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I am trying to insert a PHP variable into an "INSERT INTO" MySQL query. I have tried many many combinations with no luck.

My code is below:

$sql = 'INSERT INTO `mse_names` (`id`, `name`, `day`) VALUES (NULL, ".$testing_for.", \'test_day\');';

I can confirm that $testing_for does contain a string - I've checked this by calling var_dump right before.

Any help is much appreciated, thanks in advance

*edit: sorry, forgot to mention that this inputs .$testing_for. and test into the respect columns when I look in the table using phpmyadmin*

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Fix your quotes...

$sql = 'INSERT INTO `mse_names` (`id`, `name`, `day`) VALUES (NULL, "'.$testing_for.'", "test_day");';

This was caught by the SO markdown editor ^_^

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Thank you!! Greatly appreciated –  cud_programmer Dec 15 '11 at 15:04
@cud_programmer no problemo ^_^ happy to help! –  Neal Dec 15 '11 at 15:40

You have to use double quotes if you want to directly insert variables in strings:

$sql = "INSERT INTO `mse_names` (`id`, `name`, `day`) VALUES (NULL, '$testing_for', '$test_da');";

Or just use the . operator:

$sql = 'INSERT INTO `mse_names` (`id`, `name`, `day`) VALUES (NULL, "'.$testing_for.'", "'.$test_da.'");';
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Here i insert two variable with current date

$var1 = "1";
$var2 = "phpmyadmin";

$sql = 'INSERT INTO Table_name (`id`, `name`, `datetime`) VALUES ("'.$var1.'", "'.$var2.'", now());';

now() -> now function insert the current date and time

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Your $sql is within single apostrophe so using quote to leave string is not working. Either change

".$testing_for." to '.$testing_for.'
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Why string concatenation?

You can do it straightforward:

$sql = "INSERT INTO `mse_names` (`id`, `name`, `day`) VALUES (NULL, '$testing_for', 'test_da');"; 

But if you want you can do also:

$sql = "INSERT INTO `mse_names` (`id`, `name`, `day`) VALUES (NULL, '".$testing_for."', 'test_da');"; 
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Try this:

$sql = "INSERT INTO mse_names (id, name, day) VALUES (null, '" . $testing_for . "', 'test_day')";
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try this

 $sql = 'INSERT INTO `mse_names` (`id`, `name`, `day`) VALUES (NULL, "'.$name.'", "day");';
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It simply works like that as well. I'v tested

$insertDetais = mysql_query("INSERT INTO Persons (userName, poNumber, mobileNumber, emailAdd, appraisal, newsletter, guessFinal) VALUES ('$userName', '$poNumber', '$mobileNumber', '$emailAdd', '$appraisal', '$newsletter', '$guessFinal')", $conMySQL);

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