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What happens when an UIView is added to another view twice in iOS? I believe it wont get added twice. Have anyone ever tried?

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[UIView addSubview:] documentation

Views can have only one superview. If view already has a superview and that view is not the receiver, this method removes the previous superview before making the receiver its new superview.

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Beware that there is a difference between an explicit removeFromSuperview, then re-add vs. directly calling [UIView addSubview]. Touch events will be canceled in the former, but not in the latter approach. –  user111823 Oct 18 '12 at 14:04
What if that view is the receiver? That's the question. You're not answer the original question. –  Gon Jun 23 at 7:12
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A view can only have one parent view. But a view can have many subviews.

Read the Documentation of UIView.

Specifically read about addSubView

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