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I'm using the built-in 'action' formatter to edit inline (row editing) and to delete.

The problem is that I want to validate via ajax (so, returning true field could be saved) but I couldn't add any 'before save' callback in the save statment.

Image with an example of the view.

The colModel I use to define the Actions col:

{name: 'Actions', formatter: 'actions',
                  editable: false,
                  search: false,
                  width: '50',
                  sortable: false,
                  resizable: false,
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In the list of parameters of the actions formatter you can define onError callback function (see the answer). It's important that the server returns some error status code in case of any kind errors during the saving of data. The validation of the data which will be send is one of the examples of such errors.

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