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im trying to display data on the footer in jqgrid, but it only displays the empty footer, no data.

Here are my jqgrid options:

    url : '/tasks/backlog?format=json',
    datatype: 'json',
    jsonReader: {
            root: "tasks.rows",
    colModel : columnModel.colModel,
    loadonce: false,
    sortable : function(permutation) { taskListConfigSerialise(); }, // re-order columns
    sortname: columnModel.currentSort.column,
    sortorder: columnModel.currentSort.order,

    caption: "Product Backlog",
    viewrecords: true,
    multiselect: false,

    onSelectRow: function(rowid, status) { selectRow(rowid); },
    onClickGroup: function(hid, collapsed) { saveCollapsedStateToLocalStorage(hid, collapsed) },
    resizeStop: function(newwidth, index) { taskListConfigSerialise(); },
    loadComplete: function(data) { restoreCollapsedState(); jQuery("#load_backlog_list").hide(); restorejqGridScrollPosition(); setRowReadStatus(data);},
    shrinkToFit: true,

    pager: '#backlog_pager',
    emptyrecords: 'No user stories found.',
    recordtext: '{2} user stories found.',

    footerrow: true,
    userDataOnFooter: true,
    userdata: "userdata",

    height: 300,
    width: 500,

    grouping: jQuery("#chngroup").val() != "clear",
    groupingView: {
       groupField: [jQuery("#chngroup").val()],
       groupColumnShow: [false]

Here is the json:

{"tasks": {
    "records":"<%= @tasks.size %>",
    "rows": [
    "read":<%= readFlag.to_json.html_safe %>,
    "id":<%= task.task_num.to_json.html_safe %>,
    "summary":<%= h( %>, 
    "resolution":<%= task.status_type.to_json.html_safe %>,
    "points":<%= task.total_points.to_json.html_safe %>,
    "business_value":<%= task.business_value.to_json.to_i %>
    "userdata":{"points":"<%= total_time.to_json.html_safe %>"}

I checked firebug and the json is returning the userdata correctly with the corresponding value, also the data is loading correctly in the grid. I just cant get the footer to show the data.

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Yoo don't posted the colModel which you use, but I suppose that it has points column. The problem in you data that you placed all JSON data inside of tasks. To be able to read records and userdata you should include the path to the properties in the jsonReader:

jsonReader: {
        root: "tasks.rows",
        records: "tasks.records",
        userdata: "tasks.userdata",
        repeatitems: false

What looks also strange is the value of array "rows". If should be array of items. I hope that you have forgot to include additional {} inside of [] only during posting the information in the text of the question.

You should additionally remove non-existing jqGrid option userdata: "userdata" and can also remove parameters with default values (like shrinkToFit: true, multiselect: false, loadonce: false).

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hey oleg, thanks a lot, i just added those 2 parameters to the json reader and worked perfectly, thank you – fred7 Dec 23 '11 at 15:35
@fred7: You are welcome! – Oleg Dec 23 '11 at 15:53

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