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Does anyone know how many concurrent connections IE 9 allows while in other browser modes?

Since I'm asking, how concurrent connections do all IE browsers and other the top browsers have?

Actually having issues in Chrome, i think its a concurrency problem, someone suggested that it should happen in IE& as well, but i do not have IE7 installed. I did try it in IE9 set to IE7 browser mode, and it worked. SO was wondering if IE7 mode was using IE9's concurrent connection?

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The above poster is correct, IE9 has similar behaviour to IE8; IE9 allows 6 concurrent connections, except when on VPN or dialup, in which case it allows two.

A good overview of the state of affairs is at http://www.browserscope.org/?category=network under the Connections per Hostname column.

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I added the source and updated my answer. thx. –  Drachenviech Nov 4 '13 at 18:06

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