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I'm using dojo's DateTextBox with a connected onChange event.

There are cases users select the same day as already selected, which unfortunately (but of course logically) doesn't fire an onChange event. But I still need to trigger the onChange-connected actions regardless of whether the user selected the same value again or did not.

Is there any way to connect events to single/all DateTextBox days bypassing the onChange event of the box? I think the days aren't widgets themselves. An even better option would be some kind of onSelect event for DateTextBox, which apparently doesn't exist...

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You need to connect to onChange event on popup calendar, not DateTextBox. The problem is that every time you open calendar DateTextBox destroys previously shown instance and creates new instance of dijit.Calendar (referenced in DateTextBox.dropDown property).

So you need to connect to DateTextBox.openDropDown() method to create connect to DateTextBox.dropDown.onChange(), i.e. Calendar.onChange():

var dateBox = dijit.byId("dateBox");
var eventHandle;

dojo.connect(dateBox, "onChange", function(value) {
    // fires only if clicked date changed

dojo.connect(dateBox, "openDropDown", function() {
    eventHandle = dojo.connect(dateBox.dropDown, "onChange", function(value) {
        // fires every time date is clicked

dojo.connect(dateBox, "closeDropDown", function() {

See this example in action at jsFiddle.

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