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Hi have some scripts but they wont log out. It looks like its logged out but then I go back to the browser and its still active... My code is as follows.

    define("G_MD5KEY", 'aFTRW#$Rjsdh');
    Am_Controller::setCookie("cookie_login", $event->getUser()->login, time()+3600);
    Am_Controller::setCookie("cookie_password", md5($this->getPass($event->getUser()).G_MD5KEY),time()+3600);
    $this->getAPI()->efrontlogin(array('login' =>$event->getUser()->login));


function onAuthAfterLogout(Am_Event_AuthAfterLogout $event)
    Am_Controller::setCookie('cookie_login',"", time()-3600*24);
    Am_Controller::setCookie('cookie_password',"", time()-3600*24);
    $this->getAPI()->efrontlogout(array('login' =>$event->getUser()->login));


Is this code correct?

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md5 password stored in a cookie....yum – Lawrence Cherone Dec 15 '11 at 16:31
double-rot13-encoded, for extra security? :) – ghoti Dec 15 '11 at 16:32
I dont know, I didnt write this it just isnt working... – Dan Strong Dec 15 '11 at 16:45

From your comment I see you didn't write this code. There can be at least 100 possibilites for why you're still "logged-in" even after trying to "logout".

Use chrome in order to check which cookies and what values , you have before logging-out and after. Another thing you should check is the condition which detrmining if you're logged-in or not, maybe the condition is just looking for the existence of the cookie and not check it's value.

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