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My json-store contains one record. This record is dirty after changing a field and correctly after store.sync() a POST is sended with action=update and the record data in the body.

On the server side I commit the update and send back the record (with success:true) as it was posted originally (all fields are included).

Afterwards the store has doubled the record, which means the store has now two (2) identical records (same id etc.).

I played around with all options I could imagine of (root [on/off], idProperty (set/unset) etc.) the effect is always the same.

Any hint what I am doing wrong?

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Make sure that your server returns an array of records. If you have only one record put it in an array and send it back.

Check out this demo with Firebug.

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This definitely does not work. If I update two records at the same time and send them back as array both are duplicated in the store. Sending the record(s) in an array does not change anything. --> See also my comment on the other answer. – heinob Dec 16 '11 at 11:00

I have seen the same issue and my theory is that the id matching on the returned record is not happening properly. What I mean by that is in my opinion idProperty type must be an int for example instead of a string or some such calamity. I have not been able to prove this one way or another but I do have a workaround. Here is how I "handled" this issue:

1). Do not send back the data, just send success message.
2). Clear the dirty flag manually with the following store listener:

listeners : {
            write: function(store, operation, opts){
                console.log('request wrote!');
                //workaround to sync up store records with just completed operation
                Ext.each(operation.records, function(record){
                    if (record.dirty) {
                    /*if (record.phantom) {
            delay: 2000

EDIT: I asked this question a while ago on premium forums and the answer I got is that it's supposed to work and here is an example that is supposed to prove it. Please note the id mapping in the model.

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This works, but different as described... When I send back "{success:true}" only. Everything works fine AND I do not have to clear the dirty flags. It is done automatically. Is this bug or feature? – heinob Dec 16 '11 at 11:02
ExtJS has a ton of bugs that are really just "features"... =/ – John Strickler Dec 16 '11 at 16:12
please see the edit on my answer for a supposedly working example. – dbrin Dec 16 '11 at 21:33
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I finally found the reason for the described misbehavior. Within my model I had overwritten the constructor like this:

constructor: function(config) {

I do not really remember why I did this, but since I have deleted the constructor, everything works fine. But due to my relative inexperience, I don't know why this works.

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