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I am trying to run some of the sample example code from CGAL as a Qt project, to run in Qt Creator. I expect that I will have to modify the .pro file. How should it be modified to use CGAL libraries?

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I'm not familiar with CGAL specifically, but in general, you would need to add the following to your .pro file:

INCLUDEPATH += /path/to/cgal/headers

LIBS += -Lpath/to/cgal/libraries -lcgal_dll_name

You may also need to add some DEFINES if CGAL requires it, i.e.


If you were looking for help on CGAL specifically, please clarify your question and I will delete this answer.

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Although this is an old question, just for the sake of having a more complete answer, this is what I had to do in the .pro file:

INCLUDEPATH +=   /usr/include/
LIBS        += -L/usr/include/
LIBS        += -lCGAL
LIBS        += -lgmp
LIBS        += -lmpfr // not really needed for me, but added since gmp had to be added too
QMAKE_CXXFLAGS += -frounding-math -O3

Do NOT add stuff like the following, it will get you into trouble with weird error messages, as discussed in this link.

INCLUDEPATH +=   /usr/include/CGAL # do NOT add this!
LIBS        += -L/usr/include/CGAL # do NOT add this!
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