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How to set individual site under MultiSite WordPress installation to use different language?

I have a WP installation with MultSite setting.


Multi-Site Installations

If you have a site network (WordPress multisite), the language is set on a per-blog basis through the "Site language" option in the Settings->General subpanel.

You can set the default language for the entire network under the Network Admin->Settings panel ("Default Language"). 

But in my Setting -> General subpanel, I can't see a "Site language" option.

What might be wrong?

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I use a plugin called qTranslate. It allows you to setup any number of languages for each site in a network. It is very good.

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You should add language files:

  1. On your site server, create a new folder in your /wp-content OR /wp-includes directory called /languages.
  2. Upload the .mo file to the languages folder.
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