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Is there a way to disable the scrolling that happens when tapping an input box in safari iOS? My site is not well suited to the scrolling that happens and actually makes the site less user friendly.

I've tried using:

$('input,select,textarea').bind('focus',function(e) { 
window.scrollTo(0, 0);

But it only forces safari to scroll to the top of my document, which means that the address bar is still "hidden." I just don't understand why if window.scrollTo(0, 1) is supposed to "hide" the address bar, why doesn't window.scrollTo(0, 0) reveal it?

Similarly, is there a way to prevent safari from scrolling the document when textarea is scrolled over/swiped across? Currently, if I scroll down the page and happen to scroll across a textarea field, it scrolls the whole page. Actually, on second look, it seems to do this on input fields as well sometimes.

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I'm using iscroll if that makes any difference. –  Aaron Dec 16 '11 at 15:31

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i know this is an old question, but it might help someone later :)

This is what i do, so that the address bar won't be shown on input focus, while always hiding the address bar on detection of any scroll event.

var inputInFocus=false;
/*detect any scroll function and hide address bar*/
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I've had luck preventing address bar from appearing when input is focused with this code. This is spammy, but it's a fairly brief burst and seems to do the trick.

var top = 1; // or your input box position
var spamStop = (new Date()).getTime() + 10; 
var scrollSpam_id = setInterval(function () {
    var t = (new Date()).getTime();
    if (t > spamStop) {
    } else {
      window.scrollTo(0, top);
}, 1);
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