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I have a quick question regarding one of the lists I have created.

Currently I have the columns ordered to display attachments, date, facility, open positions, on hand to be allocated and tonnage.

However, when I click add new item I get a window which will allow the users to enter the required information in the default form. In this 'new item form window' the ‘facility’ field is displayed on the bottom. The form displays the fields in the following order attachment, date, open positions, on hand to be allocated, tonnage and facility.

Is there a way to change that to bring ‘facility’ to the top of the list after date and before open positions (similar to the order displayed in the simple standard view left to right order)?

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Yes it is possible.

Go to "List Settings"

Under "Columns" you'll see "Column ordering" . Click on it.

Then you can order the items as you prefer.

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