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I have a rooted Android tablet. I've copied my native server application (Linux ARM ELF) to /data/tmp and it runs. There is only one thing missing: I want to launch the server when the tablet boots up. There are several circumstances, which makes the mission easier:

  • the device is already rooted, I can copy anything to it,
  • no installer required, the mission is completed, when the autostart is once set up,
  • my server program requires no settings, no files, no libs, no root right, nothing at all.

I don't wanna play with creating APK package, nor play with NDK. I am searching for the easiest way. It is OK, if there's different solution for different Android distros (I am insterested in current versions, 2.2 and 2.3).

Maybe I should use inittab? Anyway, I prefer "most official" solution, if we can talk "official" in case of a rooted device, let's say I'm looking for solution with "as less hack just as possible".

Update: I found this: - I'll try it and close the question, if it's OK.

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The easiest way is an APK. I believe you can create a service that launches on boot and then execute your ELF from there. Your APK can also provide a "configuration" app which lets you install/uninstall the ELF so all files can be cleaned up if the user removes the application APK.

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Yep, it's a perfect solution, but I need to do it with only one device, I don't need shiny installer, I don't need even installer. I'm looking for a quick and dirty solution. –  ern0 Mar 29 '12 at 8:47

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