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I think this should be a pretty easy question to answer but I can't seem to figure it out. I am adding text to labels from a sqldatasource in c#. All of that works, but I want to be able to format the text. I want to 1) be able to change the format to 0.00 (instead of a string of decimals) and I would also like to be able to add words before the text. I assume I need to somehow use the string.format command but can't figure out how to work it in. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Here's my code below:

DataView dvSql = (DataView)DeskSummary.Select(DataSourceSelectArguments.Empty);
foreach (DataRowView drvSql in dvSql)

    Desk.Text = drvSql["Deskname"].ToString();                  
    MarginLabel.Text = drvSql["margin"].ToString();
    CurrentCI.Text = drvSql["comp_index_primarycomp"].ToString();
    WalMartCurrentCI.Text = drvSql["comp_index_walmart"].ToString();
    ForecastMargin.Text = drvSql["margin_forecast"].ToString();
    WalMartForecastCI.Text = drvSql["comp_index_walmart_forecast"].ToString();
    ForecastCI.Text = drvSql["comp_index_primarycomp_forecast"].ToString();
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You can pass the format argument to the ToString() method like so:

MarginLabel.Text = drvSql["margin"].ToString("0.00");

However, as you said you wanted to prepend some text. Therefore, I recommend:

MarginLabel.Text = String.Format("Prepended text {0:0.00}", drvSql["margin"]);

Note: I just picked one of your labels; I'm not sure which ones get special formatting treatment.

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or he could also do string.Format("PreText {0:###.###}", Convert.ToInt32(inputString)); what if the number is 1000.00 would the format still make up for that.. just curious.. – MethodMan Dec 15 '11 at 18:22
Thanks for the suggestion. I wound up using the second format with prepended text and it worked perfect. – Tucker Dec 15 '11 at 19:01

use the

string.Format("This is a before text {"0"},your param) 

// you can add as many variables and {""} string literals as you need just make sure that you separate the variables with a ","

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Here is the code

string stringNumber = "5123.34214513";
decimal decimalNumber = Decimal.Parse(stringNumber);
string output = String.Format("Your text: {0:0.00}", decimalNumber);

Console.WriteLine(output); //Your text: 5123.34

This works if the column is of type string

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String.Format() will do what you need for prepending/appending text values,

string.Format("prepend text {"0"} append text", paramString) 

But if you want to actually format the value you are getting back from SQL, then you would need to use String.Format() on that value as well as possibly some RegEx expressions and/or .ToUpperCase or .ToLowercase for your capitalization... something like.

var capitalizedString = paramString.subStr(0,1).ToUppercase + paramString.subStr(1, paramstring.Length);
string.Format("Prepended text {"0"} plus appended text", capitalizedString);
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