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I'm going to be beginning a project soon that will be written in Java and will communicate with a PHP based web service. I initially thought with what I was reading that Jax-RS would be the right solution because I thought that my Java side would need to be a Web Service. Since then I've learned it won't, but it'll have a lot of communicating to do with Java. Is Jax-RS a good solution if I'm sending requests and receiving responses? Is there another tool or just standard java?

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If you want to consume (RESTful) web services, then you could use a so-called client-API. Most JAX-RS implementations like Jersey or RESTEasy include one, e.g:

Consuming RESTful Web Services With the Jersey Client API

Do note that this isn't yet part of the JAX-RS standard, but it soon will be:

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I've found Jersey particularly easy to use. If your POJOs are annotated correctly it takes just a few lines to make the call and get the unmarshalled objects. –  Paul Dec 15 '11 at 19:52
Besides those two frameworks I'd recommend CXF, it's easy to use and has great integration with spring and it's easy to deploy on servlet containers like tomcat or jetty –  Alvin Baena Dec 15 '11 at 20:38

Standard Java: HttpUrlConnection

3rd Party: Apache HttpClient

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Try RestTester from rexsl-test client. It is a RESTful client with built-in assertion functionality. You make requests and run assertions on response using a simple fluent interface.

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