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I would like to start using Haskell to build web sites, and think that Happstack, Heist, and Web-routes would be a good combination.

Unfortunately, I cannot find working code. The crash course example does not compile.

I downloaded the TemplateHeist.hs file, and compiling it gives me these errors.

    The function `emptyTemplateState' is applied to one argument,
    but its type `TemplateState m0' has none

    No instance for (Happstack.Server.Response.ToMessage
      arising from a use of `simpleHTTP'

     No instance for (happstack-server-6.3.1:Happstack.Server.Internal.Monads.ServerMonad
                       (Happstack.Server.Internal.Monads.ServerPartT IO))
      arising from a use of `templateServe'

I've gotten Happstack to work with Blaze, and with Web-routes. I must be missing something "obvious", but I'm not sure where to begin looking for it.

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Perhaps it would be helpful to add: I'm using heist version 0.6.1, happstack 6.0.5, happstack-heist 6.0.4, and ghci version 7.0.4. –  MattoxBeckman Dec 15 '11 at 19:03
I only have examples using heist 0.5.x. If I switch over soon I'll add an answer. –  Antoine Latter Dec 20 '11 at 22:52
This happstack crash course has be updated to work with heist 0.7. –  stepcut Dec 22 '11 at 19:50

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Heist is a great templating library and a pleasure to use. You are swimming against the current though using it with Happstack as it is far more commonly used with the Snap web framework.

Unless you have a particular reason for using Happstack, you will be better to look at Snap initially as you can be up and running with a sample Snap and Heist app by typing a single command once installed. Once you understand Heist, you could then set about using it with other web servers if you need to.

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This is the solution I ended up using; coming from Django, Snap/Heist are a better fit for me. I'm very impressed and happy with the variety of interconnecting choices we have with Haskell web frameworks! –  MattoxBeckman Jan 28 '12 at 20:06

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