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Something like:

find node: qp( $doc, 'UniqueSubNode' );

string representation: Root>Node>InnerNode>UniqueSubNode
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In QP parents() will get you all the ancestors, then all you need to do is html() each of them, I hope it helps.

Refer to this: http://api.querypath.org/docs/class_query_path.html#aae3c29dfc81839c3c054e7d608facd76

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In the end I used the $qp->parents(), within the matches I find the specific parent node I need and/or I could have also looped the matches and created the node text representation using $qp->tag() –  farinspace Dec 15 '11 at 20:00
glad to see you solved it with qp, it's one of the best solutions I used for dom retrieval/manipulation in php –  koljenovic Dec 15 '11 at 20:05

Assuming your server allows you to use it you could use the DOMDocument object.


The DOMDocument object works in a fairly similar method to javascript's DOM manipulations. The text value is stored in the object's textContent member.

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