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I am looking for a web based subversion browser and checkout/update/commit tool.

The repository is on a Linux server, but my development directory is on a different remote Linux server that does not have a GUI interface and I connect to it using SSH.

So what I do now is use svn update/commits. I use other tools (e.g. komodo) to edit the source code via SFTP, test and then commit through the command line.

Websvn is nice but is only for browsing. I am not looking to administer the repository either. Just the typical svn commands (update/commit/diff/revert...etc)


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If you need only basic functionality, why not to stick with command line? It's pretty easy to use and you will learn it fast.

Use svn help *command* if you forgot syntax and svn help for list of commands.

Also there is a very good handbook (reading chapter 2 will be enough for basic usage): http://svnbook.red-bean.com/en/1.7/index.html

See also answers to this question for the list of some available web-based clients: What is the best web based Subversion client?

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