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I have VS2010sp1 I have developed a MVC 3 site with C#, jQuery etc. When I develop I use IIS Express. A client now wants me to test the site from Internet Explorer 7 on a Windows XP machine. I have a XP machine with with IE7 in a virtual machine running on VMWare. The VMWare machine network adapter is set to bridged. I am running VS2010, IIS Express and VMWare workstation 8 on the same machine (A 64 bit Windows 7 Ultimate) . I seem to be able to access the host. I can ping the name of the host machine and it answers with correct ip address and it is alive. How should I configure IIS Express and the virtual machine so I can access my website from the IE7 that is running in the virtual machine?


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Have you tried configuring IIS to host your website with a the local ip, perhaps with the port number set to 80, then just call up the page in your browser on the VM. If it is on port 80 i think you shouldn't need to add the port number when typing the address in the browser.

See here for configuring IIS express

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