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I a have a facebook app, however it does not show up in the Apps listing at all (of users who have already approved the permissions). How do I make my App show up as an "App" so users can add it to there sidebar? Is there a way to prompt users to make my App one of their favorites?

First question: Why is my App not showing up at all as an App? Second Question: How can I get my App placed on a user's side bar, in the "Apps" panel list?

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First: Since July 2010 bookmarks are added automatically for apps a user has interacted with there is no facility to manually add bookmarks (look here and also look here under Bookmarks for quick re-engagement)

Second: I remember that I managed once to have the bookmark automatically added using an authentication process like desribed in the update of this question. However I'm not sure whether this will work for your app.

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