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I want to find the name or ID of a element where I got top and left position.

I know how to use jquery to find the position of an element (Hovering over the div will trigger that position text will appear on screen):

    $(".item").hover(function () {
      var eleoffset = $(this).offset();
      $("#mouse").text("Mouse - Top: " + + " - Left: " + eleoffset.left);

<div class="item">This is a text block</div>
<div id="mouse">Waiting for position data...</div>
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I'm not quote sure what you mean. But you can get the name or ID using:


in the hover handler

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That works :) Thanks! – Cudos May 12 '09 at 14:04
Smart. Last time I checked MDC they have some methods that can identify the objects based on the position on the window. – rymn May 12 '09 at 16:07
      $("#mouse").text("Mouse - Top: " + + " - Left: " + eleoffset.left + " id " + $(this).id);

I think

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