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I have been a VB6 developer for several years, and switched to .NET couple of years ago. Since then, I switched to WPF, and now, i am attacking Silverlight + PRISM

I whould like to know if anyone of you programmers have some GOOD and CLEAR tutorial/instructions on setting up a View-Switching application in VB code please?

I searched Google for over a week now, I dont really find some clear information, so all my tries and efforts are going to waste at this moment.

So the main goal whould be a menuregion (working!). When the user clicks some buttons, i need the MainRegion to refresh its view, depending on the selection ofcourse.

I am also looking on information how to keep track of the changes made when trying to switch the view?

I really hope you can help me out on this one!


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I know your situation very well. I have the same language history and started programming WPF some months ago. The bad Google support for VB.NET in general and especially for WPF related themes was the final cause for me to switch to C#. The language looks different, but it isn’t. Mixing both languages with (old) business logic projects in VB.NET and (new) WPF projects in C# is no problem.

So here is my advice: Take the next step and switch to C#, starting with the UI parts of your project.

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Thank you Dirk. I did already considered switching. I can read and understand C# sourcecode, but i'm not able to write it at the speed i'm writing my VB.NET code. You should know i started way back in the days with Qbasic :) Can you provide me some usefull links that helped you out switching? Thanks! – De ruige Dec 24 '11 at 12:13
Fortunately this is a question I asked one year ago :-) Here is the link… – Dirk Brockhaus Dec 27 '11 at 15:01

hey you can search for the,

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Thank you for the answer, however, all relevant information is mostly based on C#, so i need VB.NET examples – De ruige Dec 16 '11 at 13:11

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