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I have project in which we are using a laser mouse as a position sensor. For the proof of concept work I wanted to use the electrical components as is from a commercial 'off the shelf' mouse to save development time. This way I don't have to do hardware design, driver design etc.

I would like to be able to grab the coordinates off the position sensor mouse while still using a standard mouse and keyboard for manipulating the windows environment. This means I will need to:

1.) Disable the position sensor mouse for moving the cursor

2.) Be able to still use a standard mouse for moving the cursor

3.) Be able to grab the coordinates off the position sensor mouse

I prefer to program in .net, but standard c/c++ solutions are fine too. I am not sure if this is possible. Any suggestions would be wonderful. Thanks!

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+1 for that I wanted to create 'virtual turntable' by putting the mouse on top of the empty turntable and using the mouse as the speedometer for it :) - however, wasn't able to have 2 mouses at the same time in windows... –  Daniel Mošmondor Dec 15 '11 at 20:39

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