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Can anyone explain or point to some documentation on the GET / POST requests together with the message bodies + parameters + headers needed for authenticating a consumer with each of the following providers: Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Twitter?

Note: I am looking for framework agnostic steps, required to authenticate an OAuth 2 consumer.

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LinkedIn doesn't yet support OAuth 2.

We have a getting started guide in Java, Python and PHP here - this does include a link to the OAuth spec, which is really what you're looking for. https://developer.linkedin.com/documents/quick-start-guide

Since you're looking for a language agnostic general guide, Taylor Singletary's original "OAuth Zero To Hero" slide deck might be just the thing: http://www.slideshare.net/episod/linkedin-oauth-zero-to-hero

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Twitter does not support OAuth2 either, unless you are using Anywhere - but that is not agnostic.

It seems that right now only Google, Facebook and Microsoft Accounts are supporting OAuth2, which is a shame. You will have better luck with OAuth 1, but the flow is more complicated.

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